[Music Review] New Pornographers “Together”

Canadian outfit  New Pornographers reassemble the ensemble for their 2010 album Together, a record that is a shining example of upbeat, positive, poppy music still containing substance amidst the brilliant hooks and gorgeous melodies.

Together at its core is a series of midtempo songs that seem much larger than they actually are. The New Pornographers have long been an eccentric blend of pop music with epic sensibilities, and this album proves to be a consistant collection of songs that provide new layers as they are listened to again and again.

A key to the album is that amongst its twelve songs, each provide a distinct flavor. This comes from the group using four primary vocalists, which allows for their albums to sound more like a soundtrack for a memory not yet made. By implementing multiple vocalists, each song is given a soul that is occasionally lost on other bands albums, because here we never quite know what sound we’re going to be greeted with when the next track begins. And the voices that decorate  each song are perfect for the instrumentals that accompany them.

Each song in its own right is like a moderate chemistry experiment, adding potentially combustible elements together in the midst of one song. But the New Pornographers are still tinkering with the formula that will take them from a really good band into something truly outstanding.

Final Words:

This album is packed with songs any fan of the band are going to love. They’re cheery, upbeat, great summer driving music. Great harmonies and diverse vocal work from four very distinct singers. They’re the kind of songs that stick in your head and you hum and sing for days, and they are positive, happy songs that leave you with a smile on your face.

Score: 8.0/10 (Great)

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