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A while back I reviewed a product from Harcos Labs called Blood Energy Potion. Now, Blood’s title is more than just its name, as it is also the entire theme surrounding every single aspect of the unique energy drink. For instance, it was engineered to contain very similar nutrients, texture and color to real human blood and came packaged in an awesome I.V. bag to complete the illusion. Definitely a super cool concept and equally awesome execution, but there was only one problem. It was directed towards vampire fans. I hate vampires.

Zombies, on the other hand, are what my entire life revolves around. I have the word ‘Zombie’ tattooed on my lip, and am working on a Resident Evil half sleeve on my right bicep. I worship all things George A. Romero, the Don of the Dead. Zombie movies, zombie games, zombie books, zombie zombies, zombie comics and anything else related to the undead fascinates me.

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