DVD Review: Flogging Molly “Live At The Greek Theatre”

For the uninitiated, Flogging Molly may seem like a bunch of Irish dudes playing fiddle and accordion, but for me they popped my concert cherry and have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I was unaware that they released a live DVD/CD set, so when I stumbled upon it I was very surprised. I had been out of the Flogging Molly loop for awhile so I wasn’t sure what to expect of it.


I’ll start off by saying that if you have not experienced a Flogging Molly concert then you are missing out on one of the best nights of your life. But if you can’t go then this is a pretty good glimpse of what their show is like. The crowd is pumped and excited and that energy clearly has an effect on the band, with each of them sweating and shouting along with the fans. It’s really intense and enjoyable.

The set list is very solid. It features mostly songs from their early albums Swagger, Drunken Lullabies, and my favorite Within a Mile of Home, although they do feature plenty of songs from their last studio effort Float. Each song is pounded out with the insane energy that front man Dave King emits during the show and some of the banjo and guitar solos that are belted out on stage are insane.

The CDs that come with the DVD are really just the same songs from the feature but they work as a really strong live album. Each disc holds up well on its own and the banter that King has with the crowd is funny and enjoyable.

The DVD extras are the only thing I have any qualms about. They mostly consist of their music video collection which is only about five or so and a small interview with two of the band members.The interview is interesting but only seven minutes long and not really substantial.

Final Thoughts:

The DVD and album are the next best thing to a live Flogging Molly show and the music is great and played by hard working, talented musicians. The DVD could have better extras, but that is my only real beef with the set. If you are a fan you will more than likely need to own this, but if you are a newbie or some one who hasn’t even heard of Flogging Molly, then this is a good starter set for you to check out.

Final Score 8.5/10

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