[Podcast Review] WTF? with Marc Maron

WTF?, the common phrase that many throw around, is used plenty on this delightfully angst ridden podcast that stars the godfather of modern day alternative comedy, Marc Maron. Each week Maron invites a comedian or interesting guest on to the show to talk about life, comedy and things that make one say what the fuck.


Let me just start off by saying that this may not be the most palatable podcast in the itunes directory. Marc Maron is known for his raw and unfiltered thoughts that he often spews gleefully onto the world and some of that may not be very enjoyable to someone who doesn’t like neurosis thrown on the table. Maron is brash and sometimes very neurotic, but that is what makes the show so much fun. It shows a man trying to figure out his life and trying to let go of the little things in life while still clinging on to those little things.

Maron is a natural interviewer although some are fairly unorthodox. For example many of his interviews start off with him apologizing to the guest for either harboring some sort of ill conceived resentment or an altercation that occurred several years back that neither party can quite remember the details of. Guests include comedy greats like Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman, up and coming comedians like Kumail Najiani and Kyle Kinane, and people like his mother and father and pornstar Dana DeArmond.

The conversations on the show are often engrossing and usually hilarious. Maron takes great care to peel back the layers of the guest while revealing interesting stories about his own life. He is a true comedy fan and you can hear the joy and intensity at which he speaks about it and you learn a great deal about the history of comedy and the guests involved.

Final Thoughts

If you are a comedy fan then you should definitely check out WTF?. It’s a fascinating oddball of a show and you can really get into the mind of a brilliant, tortured genius. It’s hilarious and engrossing with a just the right amount of crazy.


  • The conversations on the show are interesting
  • Interesting and surprising guests
  • Perfect for comedy nerds


  • Maron is very neurotic which might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • If you aren’t a big comedy fan then this may not be for you

Final Score: 7.0/10

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