Amp Energy Gum Review on Caffeine Critic!

Are you looking for a delicious way to freshen your breath and get a quick boost of energy? Then look elsewhere, because Amp Energy Gum is one of the worst energy products I’ve ever experienced.

Topics covered in my review on Caffeine Critic include, but are not limited to, the Holocaust, incest bisexuality amongst nuns, dead babies being eaten by vultures, and dry butt rape. That’s right, all of those comparisons were drawn to indicate exactly how awful this gum truly is. I feel awful for writing such an offensive article, but it is for the good of my readers. Oh, and bestiality also gets a mention.

I suggest heading on over to Caffeine Critic to read the entire review.

3 thoughts on “Amp Energy Gum Review on Caffeine Critic!

  1. Amp Energy gum rocks! I’m having troubles finding where to buy it locally! I love the taste and the slight boost of energy it gives! I pop 2 pieces and I’m good to go for several hours. Some people have reported a bitter aftertaste, but most people I know that have tried it, have enjoyed it!

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