Vanilla Nut Case Energy Coffee Review on Caffeine Critic!

I love vanilla. Those of you who followed my energy reviews on religiously (Hi, mom!) probably know that. It is my favorite flavor of all time. Vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, vanilla coffee, vanilla chocolate, vanilla, vanilla clam chowder — anything vanilla is almost always a complete treat for me. Except for the vanilla clam chowder. That was fucking awful.

At any rate, I picked up a few drinks to review on the site yesterday, and one of them was Adina Vanilla Nut Case. Actually, the entire text on the front of the can reads: “Adina Natural Highs Vanilla Nut Case Fair Trade Colombian coffee with Milk Antioxidant Booster Coffee Energy Drink.” Yeah, I know. But regardless of how obnoxious the can may be, with words all over it and shit, I’m hoping Vanilla Nut Case will prove to be one of those magical concoctions that I dream about for months to come.

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