[Energy Drink Review] Vuka: Workout (Berry Lemonade)

Workout is the last flavor of the Vuka family of functional energy drinks. All of the other flavors — Awaken, Think and Renew — have been granted scores of 8.0, 8.1, and 9.0, respectively, here on Everyview. Workout was the one I wanted to hold off on until I got a gym membership so that I could effectively test it out.

Well, I got that membership and I finally put Vuka’s Workout formula to the test. I walked in to my gym, Nintendo themed messenger bag thrown over my shoulder, a pair of Reebok Reezigs on my feet, a can of Vuka: Workout in my hands, and a burning desire to get swole (whatever the hell that means).


Ok, so in all honesty I’ve had the membership for almost two months now. I had just completely forgot about Workout until I saw the bottle sitting on my dresser just the other day. If you can’t tell by the picture, which was taken in Winter, this review is way passed due. Anyway, that’s enough wasting time.

Upon tearing the cap off of the gorgeous aluminum bottle and lifting the container to my nose, I took in a sensationally refreshing aroma. The Berry struck first, soft and sweet, pleasant and fruity. Then soft hints of Lemonade started to pronounce themselves, the sour zest of lemon mixing wonderfully with the sweet berry aroma. The scent is very natural, not artificial at all, and is very light and refreshing.

The taste is more or less what I’ve come to expect from Vuka. Delightfully refreshing, quenching any thirst I may have had while deliver a very light, almost crisp flavor. In the other drink reviews, I’ve noted the flavor seems a bit watered down, but it was never anything major, and the lighter flavor usually made the drink more appealing. With Workout, the Berry Lemonade flavor is a bit too weak. The flavor is certainly delicious, I just wish it were a bit more pronounced.

Being a functional, healthy energy drink, I knew deep down Workout wasn’t going to fulfill my needs for a hard-hitting drink that would boost me through my workout with significant force. Here I am, after my workout, looking back on it, and those secluded thoughts weren’t entirely miss. The boost was hardly noticeable throughout the routine, and I felt barely different than I have any other day at the gym. On the positive side of the spectrum, I did notice a bit more stamina than I’ve had before, which could be attributed to the drink, but that’s about it. But you’ve got to remember, this is coming from a seasoned caffeine addict.

The other Vuka drinks offered unique forms of energy for causes other energy drinks can’t. Workout is supposed to give you physical energy to help your exercise routine. I am used to pounding back Monster and Full Throttle for my energy needs, so of course Workout didn’t meet my standards for physical energy from a drink. However, if you don’t abuse caffeine regularly, and are an overall healthy person with an energetic lifestyle, give this a shot. It’ll probably work a bit better for you than it did for me.

Vuka Workout comes packaged in a gorgeous 16 oz, double serving aluminum bottle with an eye-catching coat of red paint and some aesthetically pleasing African-themed decorations for about $3 each when you order from Vuka’s online store. The thing is, you have to buy a case of 12 for $35.99, and it’s hard for most consumers to part with that sum of money for 12 drinks they may not like. Luckily there’s also the option to buy a variety pack of four so you can try them all and pick your favorite yourself.

Final Words:

Vuka Workout is, for me, not up to the task at hand. It offers a healthy energy to help get you through your workout routine with ease, but coming from someone who grabs a Monster for physical energy boosts to help with things like that, Vuka just can’t compete. There are many other huge boosting beverages out there that will get you through your workout better than Vuka’s offering.

However, if you’re not a caffeine addict like myself, I’m sure this will probably help you through your routine. If you’re looking for something refreshing with a good amount of healthy energy, give this a shot.


  • Wonderful aroma
  • Very refreshing


  • Flavor is a bit too diluted
  • Traditional energy drinks offer better boosts of energy

Score: 7.0/10 (Average)

Aroma: 8.75/10
Taste: 7.0/10
Kick: 5.0/10
Value: 7.0/10

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