[Drink Review] Anti-Hangover: Resurrection

What greater American past time is there than consuming large quantities of alcohol in a short time frame? It’s why college was invented, after all. For almost 4 years now (save the old man jokes) I have been able to legally consume these adult beverages to my heart’s/liver’s content, and at the same time shave years off my life expectancy. But, there is one pesky little problem when it comes to drinking. That damn next day hangover. They even made an extremely popular movie about it! I think it was called The Last Mimzy.

Well, the folks over at Anti-Hangover decided they were tired of waking up with ridiculous cotton mouth and a pounding headache, and they set out to solve the world’s hangover problems, and they released this drink called Resurrection.

The drink comes in a little 8-oz can, which is nice considering most energy type drinks are sold in gallon jugs these days. Upon opening, you get a sweet, sugary smell followed by a taste that is exactly that. It’s sweet but not overwhelmingly so, there is a slight dryness to the liquid, but overall it’s not disgusting. The 8-oz goes down quick and smooth, and does give you a boost much like you would expect from a typical energy drink. But rather than feeling sick and packed to the gills with sugar, you feel good and are ready to go.

My beloved Editor in Chief Mr. Pritcher urged me to drink myself into oblivion, and I’m always one to respect my elder’s wishes (or the wishes of a guy who is 4 years younger than me). This drink is suggested to be consumed at the start of a night of drinking or mixed with your first drink of the night. I would imagine it would mix well with a clear liquor or something not overpowering. I stuck to beer for the duration of the night, and in my brief tenure as a legal drinker had enough that I would expect to wake up feeling at best like a bag of ass.

So here’s the money question: Did I wake up sans hangover?

Actually, I did. Gone was the heart pounding, sweaty, cotton mouth, general uncomfortableness associated with the hangover. Now, I should preface this by saying that my hangovers are generally milder than others’, but I didn’t feel like I’d spent the night aggressively drinking in a testosterone-filled environment. I also got eight hours sleep, and drank plenty of water before bed (which I recommend to anyone regardless of whether you drank 1 beer or 25). But Anti-Hangover: Resurrection did live up to its billing.

The 8-oz can had a little bit of a steep shelf price of $1.99 considering the volume of product you’re getting. But, the price tag is not astronomical, and is a bargain if you regularly find yourself deathly hungover and sleeping through entire days.

The can’s appearance also reminded me of The Joker from The Dark Knight, so bonus points for not going with the obvious energy drink appearance.

Final Words:

Overall, the product isn’t disgusting and does what it claims to do. At $1.99 it’s a bargain for a hangover cure, and is well worth the investment if you intend to go on a one night bender. I would say the value in the product is high considering what it does, but it’s also somewhat pointless if you aren’t intending to consume copious amounts of booze, since they are marketing it as an anti-hangover drink and not an energy drink. It’s an easy recommendation if you are tired of being near comatose the day after a fun (albeit unhealthy) night.

Final Score: 8.0/10 (Great)

Head over to the drink’s website to learn more!

8 thoughts on “[Drink Review] Anti-Hangover: Resurrection

  1. We the people no longer have too live in a world with hangovers! I have been drinking REZ” for about 9 months now, it works everytime. I have shipped cases of resurrection to friends all over the U.S, not only do they love the drink and swear by it, they BUY stock in the company. BNLB.ob
    The potential market for this product is Very VEry VERY HUGE.
    World population is 6,820,652,372 as of today.

  2. The author makes a comment in his review as if the drink is supposed to be some sort of energy drink? Don’t know where he got that idea??

    Resurrection is a anti-hangover drink NOT AN ENERGY DRINK!!! The company making the drink ALSO makes energy drinks…but RESURRECTION is not one of them.

  3. Resurrection sponsored the Playboy Golf Tournament!
    They are also debuting in Canada at the Montreal Grand Prix June 11-13!

  4. Dave,

    It clearly says “energy type drinks” and “does give you a boost much like you would expect from a typical energy drink.” The author never explicitly says it’s an energy drink, he is just vaguely comparing it to one. And I’ve had a Resurrection, and it is comparable to an energy drink.

  5. It may work, but what is sucks is that when you start drinking you never know if you will get the “buzz” or not… for me the best anti-hangover is still security feel better, because you take it after the alcohol… And brings only 10 calories in a bottle, not 50 like resurrection…

  6. It does work! Went to Las Vegas for the NBWA (Beer awards) and trust me…. If I did not drink a few of these beforehand, I would have been “toast” the next morning….lol
    Looking to find some in Canada… Any ideas of where we can get this “life saver”? Thanks and Cheers!!

  7. Toni to answer your question i do know where you can get that anti hangover drink. You can e-mail me at mastersrvr@yahoo.com and let me know what area you are in and i will give you closest location

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