[Music Review] Tristan Clopet & The Juice “Purple EP”

Everyview was recently contacted by upcoming musician Tristan Clopet about reviewing some of his tunes, and of course, being the fantastic fellow that I am, I volunteered for the job. The bloke even sent me a t-shirt in good faith, so he can’t be half bad can he?

These songs can be found on Tristan Clopet & The Juice: Purple EP.

Opening track “So Alive” is lyrically well developed, and really seems to tell a story about personal redemption. It’s a catchy, would be a very radio friendly song, and sounds almost convincingly crossover, but a bit out of place considering the songs that follow it on the EP.

“Proximity Bomb” is an up tempo, funky song that actually reminds me a hell of a lot of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Tristan actually raps a little, but the music behind him is funky and a little offbeat.

“Superficiality is a Sin” boasts some fantastic guitar work with a funky loop, while “Ethereal Evidence” is yet another RHCP sounding song with a jumpy bassline and plucky guitar work building to a jam.

“Love and a Question” is the disc’s slowest song, and actually the strongest because it sounds the most genuine. While the series of songs that sound like RHCP stuff are enjoyable, they lack a distinct voice or perspective. But this tender song about a missed opportunity at love, really shows the depths the band is capable of. It starts off with a beautiful instrumental section for about the first minute, and then gets into some very real lyrics about a man questioning an old relationship.

Closer “Black Panther Party” takes us right back to the RHCP sound, and is a fine song but I perhaps would have flipped track placement of the last two songs, just to send you off on a stronger note.

Overall, the EP is very interesting. Each song is good and enjoyable, but the two I enjoyed the most on repeat listens were the ones that seemed the most different from the others (“So Alive”, “Love and a Question”). These songs sound the most distinct, the most individual and the most personal.

These musicians might be influenced strongly by a particular band, and are still discovering their own individuality as musicians.  Based on this EP its clear to see the talent is there, and if they can find the formula to discover their own voice they will be quite successful. I think the key will be finding the right balance between one style and the other, and not jumping back-and-forth between them so quickly. But what the hell do I know, I’m just a semi-employed college graduate.

Myself and everyone at Everyview.com would like to thank Tristan Clopet & The Juice for offering us a chance to discover their music! You’ve added one more to your fan base!

Final Score: 6/10 (Good)

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