Third Party Woes on Wii – Who’s to Blame?

Recently the president of EA said finding success on the Wii was “confounding”. I found this statement rather confounding myself due to various reasons. This seems to be a common thing with third parties on Wii. Many publishers are hesitant to put forth big budget content since it’s failed them in the past. That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy if I ever heard one.

Firstly, third parties have no one to blame but themselves. Answered that question quickly, didn’t I? They were the ones who created the current market on Wii by filling it with garbage. What games that aren’t garbage they produce get limited marketing and next to no commercials. Again, compare the marketing of the “biggest” Wii third party game, The Conduit, with the marketing of Rogue Warrior, a B-level action game for the HD consoles. Rogue Warrior has received much more of a push. What games deserve to sell on Wii? Little King’s Story? Muramasa? Dead Space: Extraction? Maybe. But which ones received proper advertising? Oh, yes. None of them. So none of them “deserved” to sell. Quality can only do you so much in the games business.

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