[Energy Drink Review] Slap Juicy: Tropical Energy + Juice

slap juicy tropicalI’ve been digging through my fridge a lot lately in an attempt to satisfy my urge for energy without emptying my wallet. This morning I woke up to get started on my seven hours worth of homework which I had 6 hours to complete, blindly stuck my hand in my mini fridge, and pulled out a green can of Slap Juicy: Tropical.

I love saying Slap Juicy.

Slap Juicy, slap juicy, slap juicy. Haha. It sounds more like a sloppy sex position than an energy drink.

Straight from the can:

Juice and energy, energy and juice. What’s the connection?

We’ve taken Slap’s “Energy 9.0”, a proprietary blend of nine energy ingredients, and mixed it with some fruity blends of juice to give you a new take on energy.

With 9.0 you get an initial boost of energy, 25% more caffeine than the leading brands of energy drinks, and most importantly… sustained energy throughout the day. This means that you won’t get that energy crash you may be used to by now.

Slap Juicy is a new way of blending, that delivers energy by the way of mouth-watering juice. We’ve added 50% juice to our Energy 9.0, so you still get 100% energy!

Tropical Juicy gives you a blast of peach and sweet pineapple, combined with a touch of grape and pear juice to give you a smooth Slap Juicy sensation.

Man, that was way too long. Good thing I waited until after I drank what was in the can before reading or that might’ve put me to sleep.

The aroma from a can of Tropical Slap Juicy (haha) is delicious. The soft yet pronounced fruity scent, composed primarily of pineapple and grape with a slight tick of pear, is very appetizing and got my mouth thoroughly coated in saliva. It isn’t too powerful, nor is it artificial, and sits at a comfortably level of potency that compliments the drinking experience.

The flavor is a bit disappointing. Slap Juicy (haha) has a rather dry and subtle taste that doesn’t really match the wonderful aroma. It isn’t disgusting by any means, it’s just not as good as it could be. The pear and pineapple flavors don’t work together all that well and the liquid sits on your stomach much too heavily.

The belly ache is really unfortunate, because it is going to make you very uncomfortable when trying to use all the energy you’ll get from Slap Juicy (haha). In about half an hour I felt a great kick hit me out of nowhere. I felt alert, awake, and ready to do something other than sit down and write this review. I tried going for a bike ride, but my belly just hurt. What a waste. It took about 3 hours for the jolt to taper off, and I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to put it to use because it was solid. No jitters, and no crash.

Slap Juicy (haha) comes canned in a 16 oz, double-serving container for the industry standard cost of $1.99 per can.

Final Words:

I really wanted to like Slap Juicy (haha), and for the most part I did. The refreshing aroma and solid kick earned high scores for the green drink, but the lackluster flavor and heavy texture brought those back down. While the drink’s taste isn’t a deal breaker, the resulting bellyache should certainly keep this off of your to-drink list.


  • It’s called Slap Juicy (haha)
  • Refreshing, flavorful aroma
  • Excellent kick


  • Sub par flavor
  • Gives a terrible belly ache

Score: 5.0/10 (Mediocre)

Aroma: 7.75/10
Taste: 2.5/10 (Lost point for heavy texture. Would’ve been 6.75/10)
Kick: 3.0/10 (The kick is solid, but it loses points for being so useless thanks to the belly ache. Would’ve been 8.0/10)
Value: 7.0/10

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