[Food Review] Bob Evans Sausage, Egg and Cheese Microwavable Homestyle Breakfast Burritos

bobevansmicrowaveburritoBreakfast Burritos have been my favorite morning meal for as long as I can remember. There is just something comforting about having all of the essential breakfast foods wrapped into a soft tortilla shell.

While I definitely prefer making my own, due to the creative and artistic freedom presented by the nature of the burrito, there are times when I just don’t feel like putting the effort into making one, nor do I possess the initiative required to drive to Sonic or Hardee’s. That’s why I recently picked up these microwavable Sausage, Egg and Cheese burritos from Bob Evans.

Upon opening my box of burritos, I found that each one was individually wrapped in its very own little plastic sock, sealed away from the outside world to ensure freshness prevailed. Each burrito’s wrapper was partitioned and designed to be be easily opened, which makes life super easy for burrito gobblers who don’t have time to fuss with scissors.

bobevansburritoAfter removing an individual burrito from its plastic holding cell and microwaving it for the time specified, I burnt myself. I won’t take points away from the product for the fact that I’m mentally challenged, but it still hurt and I wanted to get it off my chest. I didn’t cry, though, and my mom said she was very proud of how maturely I handled the situation.

After the tiny wrapped delicacy finally cooled to the point where I could handle it, it was time to dig in.

The first bite, which many say is the most crucial part of any burrito, yielded nothing short of disappointment to the most severe degree. I was treated to a bland, dry, and crunchy tortilla shell with very little filling. I was insulted, in fact, at how the miserably the tortilla’s edges handled the microwaving process. I followed cooking directions exactly, so I accept no blame. This was my primary fear though, and I would’ve been even more surprised had this not happened.

bobevansburrito2The rest of the burrito was pretty delicious and definitely served as a saving grace. The sausage maintained a nice texture and was seasoned just right, holding a great amount of savory spice. The scrambled eggs were less impressive but still pretty good. Despite their nice flavor, the grainy, crumbly texture detracted a bit from the overall eating experience. Luckily there was an abundance of cheese to make up for that. Also inside of the shell resided a mixture of onions and bell peppers, which both turned out better than I had expected.

The burritos came in a box of six for about $3, which is definitely a fair price. Though the burritos are a little on the skimpy side, they are definitely worth the 50¢.

Final Words:

Going into these, I had anticipated the problems. Experience from reheating taco bell told me that the shell would end up dried out and distastefully crispy and a few run ins with Aunt Jemima was a pretty good indication of what to expect from the eggs.

Surprisingly though, once I got past that first bite I rather enjoyed the Bob Evans microwavable breakfast burritos. The filling was flavorful and satisfying, and the cheap price tag helped a lot as well. While they certainly can’t compete with homemade breakfast burritos, these are a very acceptable substitute.


  • Delicious sausage, flavorful egg, bell peppers and onions under an abundance of cheese
  • The filling is used graciously
  • Fairly affordable


  • The tortilla’s edges are crispy and unappealing
  • Eggs possess a crumbly, grainy texture

Score: 7.5/10 (Good)

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  3. I’m a simple guy who enjoys simple indulgences. Pop tarts are about as sophosticate as I get.

  4. Here’s a tip that I found totally improved the reheating experience of these.
    Ignore the instructions.
    Do not open or remove the burrito from the plastic wrapper, wrap the entire thing in a paper towel.
    Shorten the cooking time to 1 min, then let stand for about a minute then microwave for an additional minute, check to see if it is thawed/ and hot, if not repeat with 30 second heating and standing intervals.
    It will steam in the clear plastic wrapper and stay soft, the edges do not get crispy.
    If for some unknown reason the almost indestructable wrapper were to fail the paper towel will contain it.
    I have never managed to get one of these to “explode” in the microwave.

  5. I bought a box of 24 yesterday ate one and returned them to WalMart today. GROSS FALSE ADVERTISING! These breakfast burrito’s have no damn filling and didn’t remotely resemble the pictures on the packaging. I’ve only eaten once at a Bob Evans restaurant and never have I returned. I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and got a single thin slice of ham. I returned it to the kitchen and have never returned to another of their restaurants since. Seems they have a history of deception and false advertising.

  6. I bought a box (24) at Sams, tried two this morning and was totally disappointed. Really a poor product out of the Micro Wave. Will try in the Oven next. Followed directions, open end of package and cook for one minute and let stand for one minute. The flour was wet and stuck to the packaging, the contents were gritty.

  7. 1 out of ten boxes have only 5 burritos and the box says that it contains 6. My husband eats these every day.

  8. I know this post is old. I like Bob Evans Breakfast Burrritos a lot. I can’t find anything wrong with the filling and tortilla. The tortilla is not hard or dried out at all after microwaving like some other breakfast burritos. The filling is what you would expect from a microwave burrito . However the eggs combined with onions, peppers, cheese, and meat (steak and sausage are the 2 flavors available) all work together so the burrito tastes great. Ready in about a.minute so very easy to prepare. The price is cheap for these and even cheaper when you buy a bulk pack. The only thing I don’t like is they are small. I have to eat 3-4 to fill me up. I wish they were a typical burrito size or offered in both.

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