[’09 Holiday Buyer’s Guide] Movies

It’s that special time of year. The leaves fall of the trees and die, snow peppers the streets and causes automobile accidents, the tree goes up, people spend money they shouldn’t… it’s CHRISTMAS (or whatever other winter holiday you celebrate)!

Of course we all know that when buying a loved one a gift, it’s the thought that counts. But why think at all when you can let us here at Everyview do the thinking for you? Here are a few worthy DVD ideas for the movie fan on your list.

  • Public Enemies – (Available 12/8) A taut real-life crime story starring Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, Public Enemies is the right choice for anyone on your list who loves bank robbers and tense gunfights.
    (Our Review)
  • Funny People – (Now Available) An Adam Sandler movie for someone who loves to laugh, and wants an original comedy by directyor Judd Apatow.
    (Our Review)
  • The Hangover – (Available 12/15) Not only the funniest, but one of the overall best movies of the year finally comes to DVD, and this is  the MUST BUY DVD of the Holiday Season. A film packed full of raunchy belly laughs, this one is guaranteed to please the whole family (except some adults without a sense of humor).
    (Our Review)
  • Inglorious Basterds – (Available 12/15) Tarantino’s latest film does not disappoint, and it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the person on your list who also happens to be a Nazi sympathizer.
    (Our Review)
  • 500 Days of Summer – (Available 12/22) This is for those of you who need a movie idea for a significant other. It’s almost the anti-romantic comedy, but it’s a pleasure to watch.
    (Our Review)
  • Star Trek – (Now Available) The “Star Trek for everyone” is a film that anyone can enjoy. If your loved one has a great sense of adventure and a taste for well-executed, deep, involved action movies, this space thriller is a must.

Other Ideas for the Film Lover

  • Where The Wild Things Are Plush Dolls
  • Gift Card to your local Megaplex
  • Individual Movie Posters
  • Transformers 2 on Blu-Ray (For stoking those Fireplaces!)

Just a few movie themed ideas for this Holiday Season. Most ideas depend on your loved one’s personal tastes, and there are a  number of great movies out there to purchase. A great idea would be to buy a 3-pack of a favorite actor, as those are readily available at most places that sell DVDs. You can also track down unique items for particular movies, if someone is a megafan of a particular film.

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