[’09 Holiday Buyer’s Guide] Music

The holiday season’s upon us once more, and what better way to decide what to get those you love by checking out Everyview? Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or something completely different, I’ve got the auditory acumen to point you in the right direction for the music lover on your list!

I’ll start off with a list of albums that were released this year. If you don’t see what you had hoped on this list, you can always check out the Everyview Music Archives and discover some other music that might tickle your fancy just a bit more.

2009 Releases

  • The Flaming Lips ‘Embryonic’

the-flaming-lips.embryonicAn exceptional album that would be a strong addition to any music lover’s collection, ‘Embryonic’ takes a spacey ambiance and pairs it with a wonderful eccentricity, making it one of the most Pink Floydian influenced albums of the last decade.

If you want to learn more about “Embryonic” from The Flaming Lips, feel free to check out our review by clicking right here.

  • Other Lives ‘Other Lives’

other lives self titledStillwater, Oklahoma band Other Lives is still relatively under the radar, but only for a little bit longer. Their debut album (if you don’t count their 2006 album under the monniker Kunek)  takes melodic, heart felt indie rock songs and combines them with the musical equivalent of a cup of comforting Hot Chocolate, completely overwhelming you with comfort, pleasure, and overall satisfaction. Definitely a great gift for anyone who loves enjoying brand new music with a unique sound.

  • Animal Collective ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’

Animal_collective_merriweatherThere is good reason this album happens to be popping up on all kinds of “Best of the Year” lists. If you haven’t heard of this band, it’s because they don’t produce ANY type of music that you would hear on regular radio, and they have only this decade grasped their cult following. But with this album, they have hit their creative peak, and created a wonderfully unique album.

Even if the music doesn’t entertain your loved one, the trippy album art is sure to keep them in a trance for hours upon hours.

  • Silversun Pickups ‘Swoon’

silversun swoonI wouldn’t be at all surprised to see this band make a break for the big time in the next calendar year. They have a unique, melancholy sound. One that doesn’t drain you emotionally, but rather make you think and reflect.

Essential Music

  • Beck ‘Sea Change’

Beck is one of those artists that has reinvented himself and his sound so much that he makes Madonna look stagnant.  ‘Sea Change’ is perhaps his finest work, one that soulfully blends sincere lyrics with somber music, but doesn’t patronize the listener with sadness.  Beck takes his more acclaimed status of sampling in favor of true instrument work, and what he creates is a great work.

  • My Morning Jacket ‘Z’

It takes quite an eclectic act to simultaneously win over both hillbillies and hipsters, but if anyone could do it, it’s My Morning Jacket. On this 2005 gem, MMJ made their most “rock” leaning album to date, and the result was one of the great jewels of the past decade. (Note, this segment was written by Casual Clay Cunningham, also a fan of the band, because the original author, Andrew Majors was too lazy to include his own opinions.)

  • Pink Floyd ‘Animals’

‘The Wall’ and “Dark Side of the Moon’ get most of the publicity, but this is an absolute must own for any fan of classic rock or Pink Floyd. While a bit more minor than other efforts, the quality of this album cannot be denied, as it seamlessly blends track to track, creating an overall experience typically indicative of the Floyd.


  • jbl-onstageJBL On Stage Speaker and Docking Station for iPod

Anyone with an Ipod that hasn’t gotten a docking station is making a grave mistake. Not only is the sound quality unparalleled, but it puts your entire musical catalog at your fingertips, and allows for you to play DJ at parties with the greatest of ease, allows you to take advantage of creating unique playlists without having to burn a CD, and overall, makes you look like you live in the future instead of changing CDs in a big stereo frequently.

Miscellaneous Gifts

  • Nirvana: Live at Reading CD/DVD

Anytime a great band releases new/unheard material, it’s bound to be awesome. So is the case with 90’s grunge band Nirvana, who recently released this live showcase to the fans. This performance here goes to prove that they had all the chops necessary to become a legendary band, something they accomplished anyway. But you get to watch a legendary band do their thing.

  • Daft Punk/Pulp Fiction Poster

There are TONS of music related posters, but this is perhaps the coolest I have ever seen. Not only does it combine two virtually flawless things (Daft Punk and Pulp Fiction) but it does so in such a unique way that I almost popped a chubby upon discovery. Creativity is so underrated.

I know it isn’t a ton, but it’s what I’ve got. I tried to fit a wide variety of music/goods, but I know I left out some other good gift ideas. If you care about my opinion, just ask me, or if you don’t (more likely), just make fun of my taste in the comments section below.

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  1. Pulp Fiction poster = do want!

    I’m alsoglad to see that the Silver Sun Pickups got mentioned on the list. I discovered them with Pikul and have been obsessed ever since.

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  3. Just to add something, I really think that everyone should buy Marcy Playground’s new album, Leaving Wonderland in a Fit of Rage. It’s an excellent album by a beyond excellent band.

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