[The Everyview Update] 11/22/2009

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is only a couple days away. This year has gone by extremely fast, and time shows no signs of slowing down before the holiday season. That’s why we here at Everyview have decided to construct some Holiday Buyer’s Guides to meet the needs of our wide demographic.

Guides for gamers, gear heads, movie and TV buffs, music lovers, energy drink addicts and more are all planned for publication Black Friday. There’s going to be something for everybody, so make sure you stop by the site for tons and tons of gift ideas the holiday season.

Other than that there isn’t much to talk about. The lucky winners from the Starbucks Giveaway should be receiving their prizes in about a week’s time, maybe a little bit longer. That’s about it for the updates, we’ll see you guys tomorrow!

One thought on “[The Everyview Update] 11/22/2009

  1. Best deal on Black friday target 32″ lcd for 246. Need a tv for the guest room. Crowd is always better at Target than at walmart?

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