[Mini Review] Subway’s Chicken Marinara Melt

Subways’ new Chicken Marinara is a Five Dollar Footlong available for a limited time only. And that is definitely a good thing. The faster this thing gets off the menu, the better. The Chicken Marinara is quite possibly the single worst sandwich I’ve ever gotten from Subway. The flavors of the sauce and the chicken don’t blend well and the thin slices of chicken breast are incapable of holding a hot temperature. By the time you are halfway done with the thing the bread is soggy, the sauce and meat are cold, and you will be gagging on every disgusting bite.

What a waste of five dollars.

7 thoughts on “[Mini Review] Subway’s Chicken Marinara Melt

  1. The most disappointing thing to me is that they are just using regular grilled chicken – I’m still wishing they’d bring back to the breaded chicken they used for the now-discontinued Chicken Parmesan.

  2. I’m eating one right now. Highly disappointed. The pictures make it look like it is a breaded chicken breast. Then they take the marinara out of the meatball bucket. Gross! Plus I don’t eat red meat. I almost canceled my order right then. Then they don’t even have Mozzarella you have to settle for provolone or american. This will be the last time I order this. I will have to stick to the tuna.

  3. I just bought one…
    I kept asking the people behind the counter if it was supposed to be breaded chicken (since the picture obviously shows breaded chicken) but they had no idea what i was saying and said it was the same chicken…just cut up :-/

  4. I got one from Subway on my lunch break recently and mine was excellent. They used the breaded chicken fingers and they had mozzarella cheese for it as well (but I went with provolone). Maybe it’s different from store to store, or even state to state (I’m in Buffalo NY)…

  5. My guess is that you are the manager of the neighboring McDonalds that is losing business to Subway. I LOVED this thing!!!!!!!!!! Tender Chicken, great sauce and toasty warm out of the oven. Booyah skeedady!

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