[Games] Virtual NES


There are a lot of great flash game sites out there, but nothing beats playing the old classic NES games. Legend of Zelda, Super Dodgeball, Super Mario Bros. and many, many more are now available online. Virtual NES boasts a large selection of games for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I now have more ways to kill time in my web-page design class than ever.

You can check out Virtual NES here (don’t worry it’s totally legal)

Now to get back to playing Contra.

4 thoughts on “[Games] Virtual NES

  1. I hate hate hate hate how they have the keyboard setup. Z and X for A and B and the Arrow keys for the D-Pad. It feels very backwards and very, very awkward. They should at least allow for customization to make WASD work as the DPad and K and L work as A and B.

    Other than that, pretty awesome site. They even have Mystery Quest. That game sucks, but for some reason I used to think it was the best game ever made.

  2. up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-x-z-start.

    I still have my original NES btw…

  3. Ahh gaming’s glory days, now free for everyone to enjoy. Screw the Virtual Console.

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