[Energy Drink Review] Sport Energy: Fruit Punch

sport fruit punch energy drink

Popping to tab on my can of the Fruit Punch flavor of Sport Energy, I noticed a powerfully sweet and absolutely appetizing aroma lingering from the can. Obviously artificial but not overpoweringly so, the sugary scent serves as a good sign of things to come. I was initially scared this would be another terrible drink that I regret pouring into my body, but things are looking up so far.

The first sip yielded a pleasant flavor, artificially flavored but sweetened with real sugar. It made be think of a carbonated Hawaiian Punch more than anything, which is to be expected. The carbonation level is a little high, but after the drink breathes for a few moments it subsides and becomes much more refreshing and drinkable. The only problem I really have with Sport is that it feels really heavy on my stomach, so I couldn’t imagine how it would work for someone trying to use it as a sports drink.

Most energy/sports drink hybrids skimp heavily on the kick factor, which is definitely a real shame. About 20 minutes after I finished Sport, however, I noticed something I didn’t expect. An actual boost of energy! It is nothing revolutionary or extremely powerful, nor is it anything to really write home about, but Sport energy offers a decent kick that lasted around 2 hours with no jitters or traceable crash. Very impressive.

One 16 oz, two serving can of Sport Energy retails for about two bucks, the industry standard, but some consumers may get lucky enough to find this gem of an energy drink for only 60¢ at Big Lots, which is where I got mine. Even at full price, though, there is definitely enough positives to warrant a purchase.

Final Words:

I haven’t been this surprised by an energy drink in a long time. The generic name and packaging as well as the fact that I found this at a Surplus Store led me to believe I was handling an energy drink that was, at best, less than average. I’m happy to report, however, that Sport Energy performs exceptionally well as an energy drink, and I recommend giving it a try if you ever run across a can.


  • Appetizing aroma
  • Refreshing taste
  • A energy/sports hybrid that actually kicks!


  • Sits a little too heavy on your stomach
  • Generic name and packaging will be overlooked by many consumers

Score:7.5/1o (Good)

Aroma: 8.0/10
Taste: 8.0/10
Kick: 7.0/10
Value: 7.0/10

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  1. Biglots rules! They have redesigned the can but it is still the same drink. The new can design is much better looking.

  2. i’ve never even heard of it but if it’s as good as you say, i’ll strongly consider it next time i want an energy drink.

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