[Energy Review] Encaff Energy Stix (Black Cherry Flavor)

encaffenergystixEveryview has seen a pretty wide variety of Energy products. Energy drinks, energy shots, energy powders, energy patches, energy chocolate, energy mints, and now Energy Stix. The self-proclaimed Next Generation of Energy bares a lot in common with an Energy Powder drink mix, but it completely eliminates the need for mixing with any substance, and is instead consumed simply by pouring it directly onto your tongue. Think of it as a caffeinated, energizing Pixie Stick.

Sounds pretty neat, huh? Let’s see how this concept performs in execution.

When ripping the top off of my first packet, my nose was met with a sweet, though heavily artificial fruity sensation. Very reminiscent of Kool-Aid, the aroma quickly got my mouth to water. Still, scents can be very deceiving so I decided to proceed with caution.

I poured a little bit on my tongue, just to get a feel of what I was up against. In all honesty I was expecting a bitter, sour tasting supplement that my instincts would immediately tell me to spit out, but I was instead met with a seemingly soft, gentle, and appealingly sweet taste. After pouring the rest of the packet into my mouth, I couldn’t make up my mind. It tastes pretty good at first, but the powder is uncomfortably soft, feeling almost like dust, and it leaves behind a potent, medicinal aftertaste that’ll have you reaching for the nearest jug of anything you can drink.

Once the painful aftertaste has subsided, it’s time to wait for the boost of energy to kick in. And wait. And wait some more. Here’s a friendly tip, quit waiting and go grab a Monster. Any kick this powder presents is pretty close to being undetectable, which is really a great disappointment, because were these Energy Stix a bit more effective, I could definitely see them becoming the next big energy candy.

Partner the laughably weak punch with the ludicrous price tag of about four bucks for a package of two Energy Stix, and you’ve got yourself one dud of a product. I was skeptical the first time I saw the high cost, but proceeded to buy a package anyway hoping I had stumbled upon some sort of super secret gem to unveil to those hungry for Energy and artificially flavored candy powders.

Final Words:

Encaff Energy Stix are a very disappointing product. Just about the only positive comment I can truly make about them is that the initial taste of the flavored powder is pretty delicious. Give it three seconds, however, and even that statement holds no ground. Partner a disgusting, medicinal aftertaste with a severely lacking kick and a high price tag and Encaff Energy Stix are a product I cannot recommend.

The product does have a few strengths, though. It doesn’t require any kind of mixing or liquid to consume and the packet packaging makes it ultra portable so it can be taken anywhere. Too bad that’s not enough to save it.


  • The initial flavor of the powder is pretty tasty…


  • … but it is followed by a disgusting aftertaste
  • Kick? What kick?
  • Around $4 bucks for a pack of two stix

Score: 3.3/10 (Very Bad)

Taste: 4.5/10 (Trust me, that aftertaste isn’t worth it)
Kick: 2.0/10 (Do yourself a favor and wash that aftertaste out with an ice cold Energy Drink)
Value: 3.5/10 (Wouldn’t be so outrageous if the product actually worked)

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  2. Zac… where did you get your pricing from? I have seen it in stores for $2.99 and on the website for $1.50 per stix. You’re right, it would be laughable at the price you mentioned, but it is priced the same as other energy products. Actually a value because I get 2 stix for the price of one energy drink. Not very laughable!

  3. @TZ2058

    I purchased my product from a Casey’s General Store. I’m not sure why they sell them so high above SRP, but I obviously got ripped off.

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