[The Everyview Update] 10/17/2009

Short list of updates this week, and nothing really worth talking about. We finally got Google Ads running on the site again, so make sure you click them whenever you get the chance to help support us. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but we also started using the Amazon Affiliates program, and therefore put links at the bottom of some reviews that direct you to Amazon so you can buy the product we reviewed if you want.

Some upcoming reviews include Mini Chill Relaxation Shots, Encaff Energy Stix, Paranormal Activity, and a Wii game called Deadly Creatures. Of course, those are just what we have planned, and there are many more reviews that we’ll do this week, but you can look forward to those for sure.

That about wraps things up, have an excellent Sunday everyone, see you tomorrow. And as always, keep reading Everyview!

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