[Game Review] Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Wii)

geometrywarsgalaxieswiiSystem: Wii (Also on DS)
Developer: Kuju Entertainment/Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Sierra
Genre: Arcade Shooter

Judging a book (rather, a game) by its cover can sometimes be a big mistake. I’m sure I’ve missed out on some quality games in my life because I walked passed it on the shelf and thought it looked lame, pedestrian, or not worth my money. Just looking at the case for this game, I would’ve initially passed up on it because it just doesn’t look that interesting. I flip the case over, and it doesn’t really sound that interesting. But luckily, I’m not paying to rent this game (because my esteemed leader Zac just let me borrow it).

I will start of saying that I was very impressed with the intensity this game sucks you in with. It’s a pretty simple game with a simple premise, but it becomes pretty addicting as you keep working your way through each level. Basically, all you do is control your little ship, and shoot a bunch of shapes. I know it sounds glamorous and everything on the surface, but it’s pretty damn fun.

Geometry-Wars-gameplayThe screen is always very colorful, and the colors are vibrant and clear. The game plays like an old style arcade shooter, and on Wii with the accompanying Nunchuk, you use both hands to control your avatar. Again, it might not sound like a world beater, but it’s addicting and unique as well.

It’s a subtly intense gaming experience, and old school gamers who played Asteroids on Atari or in arcades are probably going to end up with a huge, raging boner while playing this. It takes all the positives from retro shooters, a fun and simple approach, colorful neon-like visuals, and a unique style gameplay to create a highly addictive, satisfying and very challenging experience. It may seem shallow at first, but stick with it and you’ll eventually find yourself highly addicted.

Final Words:

All in all, if you own a Wii, I’d give this game a shot. While it might not be as character driven or all around engrossing as some other games, it’s fun, easy to lose yourself in, and most importantly, it doesn’t involve hours and hours of exhausting play just to unlock the next boss. You just go through each level, getting progressively harder, and that’s it.

Buy Geometry Wars: Galaxies for Wii

For DS


  • Fun gameplay
  • Simple, yet surprisingly engrossing
  • Arcade style!!


  • Graphics are far from exceptional
  • Could be too simple a premise for hardcore gamers

Score: 7.5/10 (Good)

2 thoughts on “[Game Review] Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Wii)

  1. Good review! This game had me by the balls for a good couple of weeks. I love the neon colors and simplistic visual style. I preferred playing the game with the Classic Controller (Which I forgot to let you borrow, sorry!), but the Nunchuck setup isn’t bad either.

    My main problem with the game was the fact that it released for 40 dollars on the Wii when the original was far cheaper as a download over X Box Live Arcade. Putting a game on a disc doesn’t make it worth more, and even though the campaign was longer and more fleshed out, it still shouldn’t have been more than 20.

  2. I may have to try this out. One of the project gotham games had Geometry wars in it, and I spent much more time on it than the racing! as Zac said, good review! Majors FTW

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