[Game Review] GT Pro Series (Wii)

boxart_wii_us_gt-pro-seriesSystem: Wii
Developer: MTO
Publisher: Ubisoft
Genre: Racing

Racing games are simple, fun, and give you immediate results. You don’t have to work through a number of complicated levels, with variables that you cannot control. You get a track, a vehicle, and opponents. Its about as straight forward as gaming gets. Nintendo’s Wii offers you the ability to control the action with an actual gaming wheel. So, automatically, you are given a unique gaming experience.

The only problem is that GT Pro Series otherwise plays like it could have been developed for Super Nintendo over a decade ago. The graphics are sub par, and it looks like a 32-bit system. The cars are chunky, bland, and non-descript. The race tracks are basic, and completely barren of any major graphic achievement. The graphics are the game’s major, and truly the only damning weakness. If you aren’t distracted by graphics that barely would’ve been revolutionary in 1993, then you won’t mind this game.

The displays while you are playing are just like every other racing game ever released. They show the track, your placement in the pack, what lap you’re on, etc. Again, there is nothing new, different, or unique about this game in that regard.

gtprogpThe difficulty of the game is normal, with a slight lean toward the “easy” side of the scale. There was rarely any doubt in my mind this game was destined to be a cake walk, and it really was. As soon as you figure out the controlling, the handling of your particular car, and the track, you would struggle to finish any worse than 2nd or 3rd in a race, and that’s including a small learning curve head start. So, the game lacks any real long term playability, that is, unless you are able to play it in groups or with at least one more person. Then, the novelty will wear off much slower, but it will still come.

The sound of the game is actually moderately annoying. It’s just constant screeching and acceleration. It’s literally like every other racing game, ever. There are no distinguishing audio traits within this game, and after about 30 seconds, you will turn the volume down just like me and listen to some music, or just play the game in silence.

This isn’t to say it’s a bad game, it’s not. It’s just technically deficient, and is completely run-of-the-mill. If you’re spending more than $10 to buy this game, you’re being taken. I would say its worth about that. You could easily get $10 worth of entertainment out of it. You’ll play it for 5 days, do everything there is to do, and then the game will collect dust on a shelf.

Final Words:

Will I can’t recommend the game because there are a number of better racing titles out there, it’s ultimately harmless. It’s a nice little time waster, and if you can get a good price on it ($10 or less), it wouldn’t be a complete waste of money. You will get a few hours entertainment out of it, but that’s it. Don’t go in expecting a great game, because it isn’t. But, if you don’t mind early 90’s graphics, generic menus and audio, and an all-around bland gaming experience, this game might be for you.


  • Uhhh… cars are cool?


  • Horribly dated graphics
  • Obnoxious Audio
  • Every car and track is severely bland

Score: 4.0/10 (Bad)

Gameplay: 4.0/10
Graphics: 4.0/10
Audio: 2.0/10
Entertainment Value: 5.0/10

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  1. Spot on review.

    I remember writing a news article about this game when I wrote for Aeropause. It’s low-end PS2 quality visuals make it a pain to stare at and everything is bland and boring. I must admit, though. I dig the cell-shaded style. Too bad it looks like shit.

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