[Comedy Review] Craig Shoemaker Live: That’s a True Story

shoemakerI was planning on writing a review on last night’s episode of Eastwick, but my husband and I were so exhausted that we couldn’t stay up. Why were we so exhausted you ask? Well from laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves that’s why (yes I am a lady and I can say that). And what made us laugh so hard you ask again? Craig Shoemaker Live: That’s a True Story! That’s what!

Craig Shoemaker has to be one of the funniest comedians I have seen in a long time. His jokes center around his life and truthful events that happen to him. He is very interactive with the audience which gives him bonus points in my book. Throughout the show he torments a soon to be bride about what her husband is really doing on his bachelor party! He also “stalks” a woman named Tina, as she goes to the bathroom (little does she know at the time that there are speakers in there).

What’s better is Craig does his Love Master routine on her while she’s in there. What is The Love Master? He is a very perverted, self confident and suave character that Craig created. His whole bit with The Master is about his “package”. “Oh yeah baby” a phrase said many times during this skit to emphasize his manliness; as kinky as The Love Master is, his alter ego, a swishy character who sizzles his “S’s”.  So when The Master says something incorporate the other character will let us know how gross that is and then say “Erasessss, Erasessss, Erasessss”.

Another popular Shoemaker skit is “Play Army” with the men in the audience. He will go up to them (put them on the spot) and ask them to make a machine gun sound. Then Craig will proceed to humiliate the audience member “You call that a machine gun? That sounded like a sprinkler!” After he has had fun with a few of the men he will then proceed to have them “fight” each other.  One of the men’s gun sound reminded Craig of a Barney Fife reference. So he proceeds to go into full Barney Fife mode. Now as a person who looks nothing like Barney, Craig was able to scrunch his face up and actually look like him! He proceeds to tell us that his wife chooses the Barney Fife character to get off over The Love Master!

Craig goes on to talk about how men will find any excuse to stay in the bathroom while “pooping” even reading random bottles and looking at objects in there. He talks about when dating the first 3 months a man is on his best behavior as regards to farting. But after that it’s open season. Where women are concerned, he says that it takes 5 years for a woman to pull a “fluff” and he thinks we woman call them.

Overall this was the indeed the funniest comedy show I have ever watched. Craig’s creative and truthful approach to comedy is genius! I must warn you, this is a very adult show. Cussing and sexual scenes make up lots of this. But if you don’t mind that, then enjoy the man that is Craig Shoemaker.


  • So funny you may pee your pants


  • Starts a little slow

Score: 9.0/10

This post was written by Erin Brooks.

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