[The Everyview Update] 10/04/09: Happy Fall!

Let me start off by apologizing for this edition of Everyview Update being so later (I’m actually writing it on the morning of the 5th), but like all responsible people I have an excuse. Last night Brandon Majors and I went on an Everyview date to the movie theater to catch Zombieland! By the time I got back I was too busy quoting Woody Harrelson to care about anything else, which is completely understandable.

That brings me to my next two points. First off, we got two new writers! John Rogers and Brandon Majors will now be writing for you guys here on the site, and I hope you like what they bring to the table. Along those same lines, we also got a Guest Review for the premiere of Stargate Universe from the very talented Erin Brooks.

My next point. Now that it’s finally Fall, we are going to start publishing some Halloween-themed reviews and articles. These will range from Top Five lists to reviews for scary movies and games and everything in between! We’ve got a lot planned, and I hope you enjoy the Autumn Content!

Enough jabber, onto the awards! The Weekly Awards are handed out to five very deserving blogs every week, so make sure you check them all out because they are all fantastic and more than worth your time.

  • The “Quick, Free Stuff!” Award goes to Snack Snoop! They’re giving away a fancy reusable bag to the reader with the best snack recipe.
  • The “Best New Feature” Award goes to SuperPhillip Central for the new feature called Rank Up! The premier installment lists the eight Mega Man X games from worst to best.
  • The “Fanciest Pants” Award goes to The Impulsive Buy for their review of Goya Cola Champagne!
  • The “Holy Shit, Caffeinated Beef Jerky?” Award goes to EDJunkie for the review of Perky Jerky! According to that review, the caffeinated beef jerky is actually really good.
  • The “Deep Fried Breakfast Sammich” Award goes to Freezer Burns for the video review of a Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Sandwich, deep fried in Budweiser American Ale.

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