[Energy Drink News] Monster Preparing to Launch New Site, Preview it Now!

I just got an email from the folks over at Monster Energy with information about their new site. Here’s a snippet from said email:

Listen up Monster people!  We’ve got some exciting news that you’re gonna want to hear!

The MonsterEnergy.com site is getting ready to launch with its new kickass redesign and YOU get first crack at this bad boy!

The new site is going to blow you away with all these new community features that will allow you to post pics, watch athlete videos, comment on things, and rate what you think is hot or not.  You’ll find everything you ever needed to know on your favorite X-athletes, rockin’ bands, smokin’ hot Monster girls, and the coolest events around town.

To go with the new awesome site though, you’ll need a new MonsterEnergy.com username and password to match.  Unfortunately your existing username and password will not access the new site.  But, now would be a good-time as any to say good-bye to NiceGuy123 and say hello to MonsterBallz311!

The new site actually looks pretty good. There is also a mixology section that teaches you how to make alcoholic drinks like Skinny Bitch, Cherry Popper, and Monster Orgasm. I think they should also make recipes for drinks called Date Rape, Murder Rape, and just plain Rape.

Anyway, check out a preview of the new site right here.

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