[New Writer] John Rogers

Before I do anything else, I would like to introduce myself to the Everyview readers. My name is John Rogers, I am a sophomore at North Vigo High School, in Terre Haute, Indiana. I’ve spent my entire life living in The Haute, a town known for its pungent smell and scandalous politicians. But despite my home town’s shortcomings I would like to think I am a very fair and balanced person.

I have a deep interest in video games, fast food, zombies, and technology. I spend ridiculous, and probably unhealthy, amounts of time reading articles about the newest and hottest things in the market. I have been a major gamer since I was 6 years old and got my first Gameboy Color (special Pikachu edition no less!) and love getting lost in a brand new video game. I have been a musician for the last 3 years of my life, fiddling with various instruments before settling in with the bass guitar. After playing in the band Situs for almost a year, I have started a new band called Before The Daybreak with my brother. If you want to check out some music you can find us at myspace.com/beforethedaybreak. I will listen to almost any kind of music, everything from The Beatles, to Metallica, and just about everything in between.

I hope when you read my articles, that you will read them as you would any other professional article on the web. I take pride in my writing and promise that I will do my best to be accurate and fair with my reviews. I will make sure to encompass a broad variety of different products, from the newest video games to delicious fast food items. I’m totally psyched to begin writing for Everyview, so in the great words of a certain, infamous Dwarf Paladin, let’s do this!

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  1. Hey there, John, welcome aboard! I’ll be looking forward to reading your stuff and being an asshole in the comments section 🙂

    I listened to your band, by the way. Very impressed.

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