[Energy Drink Review] Steaz Energy: Orange

steaz tempAs we all know, organic energy drinks are usually disgusting. There’s just something about being filled with enough chemicals to kill a rhino that makes energy drinks so appealing in the first place. The chemicals are often necessary for an energy drink to be good. They either cover up all the bad tastes or simply paralyze your tongue so that you can’t taste them.

Steaz is different, though. This is the first Organic Energy Drink I’ve ever drank that I actually enjoy drinking.

When opening the can, however, first impressions are weak. The aroma that strikes is an earthy, dirty tea scent that is every so slightly reminiscent of that God-awful Black Jack Gunpowder Green Tea crap I reviewed a while back. Thankfully, though, there is a pleasant Orange undertone added that does a decent job of bring in whole package together. It may not smell great, but it’s pretty good for an organic tea-based energy drink.

Surprisingly, the first sip yields a far more pleasurable experience than the aroma. The tea flavor is almost completely transparent underneath the sweet orange flavor. The lightly carbonated texture feels great in your mouth and sits gently on your stomach, making it possible to actually put your energy to work without getting sick to your belly. There is a slight aftertaste, but it doesn’t necessarily detract from the drinking experience as much as you might expect. The orange flavor mixed with the tea presents a fantastic end result with a great mixture between earthy and sweet, both aspects being very natural.

Even though this drink doesn’t taste organic, it certainly kicks like it. One of the biggest sacrifices of taking out all of the chemicals to make the drink organic is losing a lot of the satisfying boost traditional energy drinks deliver. About 25 minutes after finishing my can of Steaz I began to feel slightly, yet noticeably, uplifted. The enhanced mood lasted for around two and a half, maybe three hours before slowly tapering off and leaving behind no crash to speak of.

Steaz Energy comes in a 12 oz, 1.5 serving can for around $2.25 or so. I got mine in a 4-pack from Big Lots for only $2.00, so I recommend checking there first to see if there are any in stock. Honestly, though, the price may be high by traditional drink standards, but Steaz is rather cheap compared to its “Organic” competition. Most drinks charge that price for an 8 oz can, so this drink offers a pretty decent value.

Final Words:

While Steaz may not make me want to through my Monster out the window and switch to the healthier organic alternatives, it’s one of the best organic energy drinks I’ve ever had. The aroma and kick may leave a little to be desired, but the taste is delicious and the value is even better than average. If you’re going to drink an organic energy drink, then do yourself a favor and make it Steaz.

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  • One of the best tasting organic energy drinks out there
  • Priced at a better value than other, similar drinks
  • It’s organic


  • The earthy aroma is slightly off putting
  • Kick is as weak as other organic drinks
  • It’s organic

Score: 7.6/10 (Good)

Aroma: 7.75/10
Taste: 8.0/10
Kick: 7.0/10
Value: 7.75/10

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  1. I shop at Whole Foods and tried Sambazon’s energy drink and loved it. The orange Steaz gave me a headache.

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