[Game News] Need For Speed Nitro Wii Trailer

I just watched this over on IGN and had to share it with you guys. For those of you who don’t know, Need For Speed Nitro is a Nintendo-exclusive addition to the popular Need For Speed series. Nitro features an awesome art style, gorgeous visuals, funky music, and heavily arcade-inspired gameplay which are all showcased in this trailer.

2 thoughts on “[Game News] Need For Speed Nitro Wii Trailer

  1. this looks like a horrible game….
    it reminds me of arcade games i played back in middle school and elementary school
    almost like Crazy Taxi
    …i prolly wont even rent this game

  2. @ randy

    Are you serious? First off this games amazing style and visuals are stellar for Wii standards.

    And what’s wrong with arcade racing games? They are much more fun than the “sims” that are out there now.

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