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I have had only two experiences with energy powders prior to Crave, both of which were very bad. The first time I encountered an energy mix was not my choice, as former contributor Tate Molnar decided to ruin all of our drinking water by adding some disgusting mix to it while we were camping. The second time I decided to snort it, which is just plain stupid.

But because of these two experiences, I have refused to go anywhere near any kind of energy mix for quite some time. Finally over my ludicrous fear of powdered energy, I’ve decided to give these little packets another shot, this time in the form of Crave Energy Drink.

It’s review time.


After using my teeth to assault the tiny green packet that contained my Crave energy mix, I began pouring the light green powder into a cold bottle of water. After several seconds of vigorous shaking, shaking, and more shaking I finally got all of the Crave clumps to disperse and mix evenly with my water, creating a gorgeous teal beverage.

Lifting the bottle that now contained my energy drink to my nose, I began my routine evaluation, starting with examining the aroma. Delicious. I was immediately taken aback by the tantalizingly sweet aroma that I wafted into my nostrils. I embarked on a mental journey back to my childhood, sipping Kool-Aid and Squeeze-Its while sitting on a green lawn in summer, not a care in the world. Aside from the feeling of nostalgia Crave’s wonderfully sweet aroma presented me, the scent was beyond appetizing.

Encouraged by the delightful perfume the now-energy drink emitted, I enthusiastically lifted the bottle to my thirsty lips, taking in a sweet and refreshing beverage that satisfied me in almost all possible ways. The flavor is, like the scent, very reminiscent of green Kool-Aid (which, luckily for Crave, has always been my favorite). This makes the drink not only brilliantly delicious, but extremely accessible at the same time. The smooth lime-like drink goes down easily and is very refreshing, leaving behind no medicinal or artificial aftertaste or sugary coating in your mouth.

Get ready to chalk up another point for Crave, as I am beyond surprised yet again, this time with the mix’s ability to deliver an extremely satisfying kick. I honestly was expecting the boost to be the products weakest aspect, but I was more than pleased with the results after drinking. I was given had two packets of Crave, the first one I drank while riding my bike and the second I used while pushing carts at work (I am a bagger at a grocery store because none of you ever feel like clicking that ad to the right of this review and making me rich). Both times I found that Crave boosted my performance, and I never ran into any crash or droop.

Judging by the reaction I got to my Spot On review, some of you are going to find this to be a hard pill to swallow: Each two serving packet of Crave costs $1.50. Before you decide that a package of powder is far inferior to a can full of liquid, keep in mind that this mix makes one of the best-tasting energy drinks I’ve ever had and the kick isn’t bad either. Just because this isn’t a standard drink doesn’t mean it isn’t worth just as much. At $1.50, this stuff is priced just right.

Final Words:

Crave is the best-tasting energy mix I’ve ever had. Period. The enticing, sweet aroma and the juicy, lime-like flavor blend wonderfully to create an absolutely wonderful and refreshing drink. After drinking you’ll be treated with an awesome, solid kick that lasts about three and a half to four hours. All in all Crave is a very satisfying product and it definitely took me by surprise. Highly recommended.

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  • Packet container is very portable and convenient
  • Smells and tastes like green Kool-Aid
  • Solid Kick
  • You can control how potent or weak it is by using less or more water


  • Shaking. I hate shaking
  • Snorting energy mixes

Score: 9.0/10 (Amazing)

Aroma: 9.25/10
Taste: 9.5/10
Kick: 8.75/10
Value: 8.5/10

2 thoughts on “[Energy Review] Crave Energy Drink Mix

  1. I was introduced to Crave a few years ago. I was not an engery drinker and was really afraid to try because I heard of the crash you experience after using them. I am 73 years old and decided that I could use a little extra energy and was told that Crave was good for me and would not have the crash I was told about. I tried it and was very surprised that I did not experience a crash and instead I found myself more alert after drinking it. I had a sharper mind. I sometimes get up a little early and find my self dragging a bit, I fix myself my Crave in my tea and before I know it, the drag has dissappeared. I find myself at my computer and it is midnight and I realize I have gone all day and still felt rested.

    I recommend Crave to any age group. I only wish it was around when I was in college and I stayed up all night studing for a final taking Nodoz. The next day, I could not remember my name much less anything I had studied. Crave will be great for students that are studying for exams. You will never experience a crash and with the sharpness of your mind, your memory is inhanced.

    Thanks for letting me tell my story
    God Bless
    Maggie Kress

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