[The Everyview Update] 07/19/09

You know that contest I’ve been promising you guys for the past three weeks? I’ll reveal everything tomorrow, I promise. But I’ll go ahead and tell you a little bit about it now. The prize is a candy bar that is kind of hard to find now, and winning is pretty simple and anyone can enter. That’s all I’m saying now, you’ll know the rest tomorrow evening.

Also, we’ve got over 10 energy drink reviews coming in the next few weeks, so all of you caffeine addicts have something to look forward to. A big special thanks goes to Everyview reader David Hagan for pointing me in the direction of a good selection of lesser-known drinks at my local Big Lots, because I wouldn’t have gone there for energy drinks if he hadn’t suggested it.

Those are all the updates we’ve got this week. Be sure to check out these articles posted by our friend sites.

  • Korean Pizza Huts sell pizza with hotdogs in the crust. How sweet is that? (Grub Grade)
  • Why play golf on a green when you can play it on a volcano? Pangya: Fantasy Golf (PSP) gives you that and much more. (SuperPhillip Central)
  • Hungry Man’s Charbroiled Angus Burger looks like a heart attack on a bun. Which makes me want to eat six of them at once. (The Impulsive Buy)
  • It turns out EA may be planning on including a bonus character from Mass Effect 2 in Dragon Age. Sounds awesome. (The Tancave)
  • Looks like the new Harry Potter film doesn’t disappoint. Unless you read the book. (We Rate Stuff)

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