[The Everyview Update] 6/28/09

We’ve got a couple of new features to announce this week. Some of you may have noticed that we have incorporated a rating system of 5 stars at the bottom of each post. These stars ARE NOT our scores. The stars are there for you to rate each article, whether it be an editorial, news, or a review, and help give us some extra feedback so we can figure out what you like to read.

Also, we have brought back the categories section. Pick what you want to read about in the list of categories to the left, click it, and see only posts that fall under that topic. We did this because we know not every movie buff cares about the latest game releases, and not every energy drink addict cares about the latest CDs.

I’d also like to remind all registered members to upload a custom photo through their Everyview dashboard.

Special thanks to GoNintendo for featuring our The Conduit review and pushing traffic!

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