[Movie News] Star Trek DVD and Blu-Ray Bonus Content Revealed

poster_startrek-posterAnd man is it insane. There is seriously a (space)ship load of extra content planned to release alongside the “Star Trek” DVD/Blu-Ray which is tentatively scheduled for an October 5th release date. But tentative dates rarely stick, so just keep an eye out for the date to change.

To see the full list of extra content included in the package, click the ‘more…’ button. The list is far too long to include on the front page.

• Audio commentary (JJ Abrams, Bryan Burke, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci)
• Featurettes:

    • ▪ The Shatner conundrum
      ▪ The redshirt guy,
      ▪ The green girl
      ▪ Trekker alert!
  • ◦ Where no man has gone before:

    • ▪ Warp explained
      ▪ Painting work
      ▪ Accelerated bridge construction
      ▪ The captain’s chair
      ▪ Operating the buttons
      ▪ Shuttle shuffle
      ▪ Accelerated Narada construction
  • ◦ Casting
    ◦ A new vision (“Savage Pressure”)
    ◦ Starships:

    • ▪ The alien paradox
      ▪ The girl with the big eyes
      ▪ Big pro Quinto
      ▪ Klingons
      ▪ Drakoulias anatomy 101
  • ◦ Aliens:

    • ▪ Additional businesses
      ▪ Confidentiality
  • ◦ Planets:

    ◦ Equipment and costumes: Klingon costumes
    ◦ Sound
    ◦ Music
    ◦ Gene Roddenberry’s vision

• Deleted scenes:

    ◦ Spock’s birth
    ◦ Klingons capture Narada
    ◦ Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank
    ◦ Amanda and Sarek argue after Spock’s fight
    ◦ Interrogation and escape from prison
    ◦ Sarek and Amanda
    ◦ Bedroom and Kobayashi Maru (original version)
    ◦ Kirk apologizes to the green girl
    ◦ Sarek sees Spock Prime

• Starfleet vessel simulator (probably BD only)
• Star Trek gag reel
• Trailers:

    ◦ Teaser trailer
    ◦ Theatrical trailer “The wait is over”
    ◦ Theatrical trailer “Prepare for the beginning”
    ◦ Theatrical trailer “Buckle up”

• Star Trek: D-A-C demo (trailer) for XBOX 360
• BD Live options

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