[Game News] New Metroid Game Announced at E3 2009

metroidFor those of you don’t know (all of you), I am a HUGE fan of the Dead or Alive series. So when I heard the new Metroid game for the Wii was being developed by Team Ninja, the people responsible for DoA and Ninja Gaiden, I punch-danced all over my house for about a half hour. Team effing Ninja.

The announcement was made at this year’s E3, and a short video came with it. The game will feature 1st and 3rd person gameplay, and is supposed to take place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. According to series creator, Yoshio Sakamoto, the game will be very storyline-driven and attempts to tell the origins of Samus Aran and her late commander, Adam Malkovich. As of now, the game is set for a 2010 release.

I’ll keep you updated as more information comes out, as this is a very exciting and arousing topic for me to write about. Team Ninja’s pretty well-known for incorporating really badass action with amazing storylines, and I don’t see how this could possibly go wrong.

2 thoughts on “[Game News] New Metroid Game Announced at E3 2009

  1. I am so beyond psyched for this game. I love everything about it so far.

    And like you said, it’s from team effing ninja. Metroid Gaiden?

  2. I am absolutely thrilled for this game. The gameplay in the trailer looked fantastic. An action game definitely fits Samus better than a First Person Adventure any I think.

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