[Game News] Metroid Prime: Trilogy – All 3 Prime Games, One Wii Disc

Nintendo has recently announced their plans to bring all 3 entries of the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime series to the Wii on a single disc with the title of Metroid Prime: Trilogy.

Trilogy will feature completely revamped versions of Metroid Prime 1 & 2 which include slightly updated visuals and the obvious inclusion of motion controls, likely the exact same scheme we saw with Metroid Prime 3. Metroid Prime 3 will be released just as it was the first time around on the Wii in August of 2007.

metroid-prime-trilogy-logoThis is great news because the Metroid Prime series has always undersold despite being extremely critically acclaimed titles, likely due to Nintendo’s refusal to advertise anything. I do think it’s weird that it hasn’t even been a full two years and they are including Prime 3: Corruption in a fifty dollar package when the game still sells for fifty bucks on its own.

And one last thing worth noting is that Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes both saw Japan releases on the Wii in the form of New Play Control! titles and both were on track for release in America. I guess Nintendo just wasn’t satisfied with how poorly Corruption sold or didn’t think 1&2 would cut it on their own as seperate packages. Either way, this is a great deal on behalf of consumers, and maybe Nintendo will properly advertise the game this time around. I doubt it, but it’s possible.


Hopefully this will be the lucky charm that finally gets the masses into the Prime experience. You can expect to find Metroid Prime Trilogy on stores this year, as it is set for an August 24th release date. If you are interested in learning even more about the game, visit the official website.

Boxart via VGBoxart.com

4 thoughts on “[Game News] Metroid Prime: Trilogy – All 3 Prime Games, One Wii Disc

  1. Wow, that packaging looks surprisingly high-quality for a Nintendo title. Is that the final box or is it just tentative?

    Also, very excited, I’m glad I’m not going to have to drop 20 dollars per new play control BS.

  2. Yeah, that boxing look fantastic. I only played through the first one and rented the 3rd. I’ll prolly pick this up im sure, looks pretty good deal

  3. Read something on this a couple of days ago. Can’t wait. That’s the first time I’ve seen the boxart, though. It looks amazing.

  4. Um, sorry guys, but I’m almost positive that’s a made up Metroid Prime boxart. Back when nobody knew Nintendo was going to do this (especially because there’s 3 discs and that looks WAY too badass to be real).

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