Movie News: New Ghostbusters Film?

In news that appeals to me as a man-child, The LA Times recently got some news from one of the franchises stars, Dan Aykroyd, about the next installment of the 80’s Film franchise. The entire gang seems to be on board, including Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, producer Ivan Reitman, and the final piece to the puzzle, BILL FREAKING MURRAY! That’s right, baby. Bill Murray is busting ghosts again. And you can color me bonered. Aykroyd has mentioned that production could start as soon as this winter!


3 thoughts on “Movie News: New Ghostbusters Film?

  1. Yeah I’ve known about this for a while I think. Don’t really care too much, wasnt even alive when the first one came out.


  2. Yeah…exciting…unless Hollywood once again butchers one of my childhood favorites.

    Sigh. It’ll be a fun movie-theater movie at the very least.

  3. @Aliya

    You know they probably will. But it IS a miracle that they managed to get the entire staff back together for the sequel.

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