Tech News: The Palm Pre Gets Release Date and Pricing. Do Want

I’ve been a BlackBerry guy ever since I owned the 7100 from Nextel. When Sprint and Nextel merged I was finally able to upgrade to a BlackBerry Curve 8330. Since then I have been fully satisfied with everything my BlackBerry has to offer me and have never thought about changing brands.

palm-pre-sprintUntil now.

The Palm Pre, exclusive to Sprint. I’ve complained and whined about Sprint not staying up to date with their BlackBerry line, a problem that has actually caused me to consider switching carriers and going over to AT&T for some Bold action, but this burns that idea to a crisp.

The Pre should be released June 6th for $199.99 when you take advantage of the mail-in rebate and purchase a 2-year contract. It has been crowned Engadget’s Most Anticipated Gadget of 2009, and for several good reasons. It’s sleek, compact, and has a touch-screen that doesn’t suck, unlike most LG and Samsung phones out there.

For more news on Sprint’s Palm Pre, head on over to Engadget and check out their slew of articles.

2 thoughts on “Tech News: The Palm Pre Gets Release Date and Pricing. Do Want

  1. I second that “Do Want” this phone looks bad ass.

    The bad thing is that I don’t have sprint nor do I think terminating my contract is worth the phone.

    The good thing is that I’m leaving this comment with my blackberry bold so I don’t really need a Pre.

    I’m a jerk. XD

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