Energy Drink News: Amp Energy Gets Limited Edition Flavor, Can has Dale Jr. Paint Job

Some of you may have noticed a new can of Amp Energy drink sporting a red number 88 along with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s autograph. When I first saw them, I assumed they were the lackluster original flavor with a limited edition can design. Upon further inspection I realized this is an entirely new entry into the Amp family and that not only is the can limited edition, but so is its flavor.

amp-energy-tradin-paint-dale-3-wide-new3 Wide is the title of Amp’s newest and most temporary beverage. Combining 3 distinct flavors, Orange, Lime, and Berry, the new flavor mash up is being introduced to the market as a limited edition offering to sponsor professional NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

If you’re a racing enthusiast or an avid energy drink fanatic, possibly both, I highly recommend you grab yourself a couple of cans before these are yanked from store shelves. I haven’t drank one yet, but I’m betting this is meant to be more of a collector’s item than anything else.

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