Game News: Dead Frontier, Free Zombie Apocalypse MMO

Dead Frontier is an absolutely free MMORPG that pits players in an overwhelming apokolyptic city to fight with their lives. From what I’ve played so far the game seems pretty solid, and offers some some pretty interesting scenarios. The gameplay works and the game runs in your browser window, so there’s no need to download anything.

Click this link to go to the Dead Frontier website and register for a free account.

deadfrontierlogoIf you do decide to check Dead Frontier out, which I wholly suggest you all do, make sure you look me up. My user name is (surprise, surprise) Zac Pritcher. I’m not on that often, as my current gaming dedications reside elswhere, but I’ll be online non-stop whenever I start my review.

3 thoughts on “Game News: Dead Frontier, Free Zombie Apocalypse MMO

  1. Definitely just made an account.

    Then I was disappointed.

    Then I gave it a chance and played it a little more. It’s not bad, especially since it’s free.

  2. @MasterCheif94

    I disagree very much with you. While the game is by no means a stellar looking title, it looks and plays just fine. It isn’t the funnest game on the interwebs, but it’s pretty neat.

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