Movie News: Star Trek Put to the Scientific Test

Phil Plait, a self-proclaimed Trekkie and creator of the popular Discover Magazine blog Bad Astronomy, has recently analyzed several different scenes from Star Trek. Several events are debunked as false statements pressed forward by the Hollywood startrekpostermachine, which might just break your geeky heart if you believe everything in the Star Trek universe is fact, but it’s an absolutely great and entertaining read and I highly recommend you all check it out. Find it here.

And as a quick side note, I watched the film the other night and was absolutely blown away. I haven’t decided if I should review the theatrical release or wait until the Blu Ray release, so maybe you guys can make up my mind. Let me know in the comments section.

One thought on “Movie News: Star Trek Put to the Scientific Test

  1. That was a good read.

    I loved this movie so much, it’s easily the most accessible film in the series. Definitely review the theatrical release AND the Blu Ray/DVD version.

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