Game News: Dead Rising 2 Means Dead Rising Reviews Soon!

In honor of Dead Rising 2 finally being revealed and looking so effing awesome I’ve decided to bring you guys three special reviews before it launches. The first and most obvious is a review for the original Xbox 360 hit, Dead Rising. After that I’ll be taking a look at Dead Rising: Chop ’til You Drop, the Wii exclusive remake of the original. Lastly I’ll bring all of you BlackBerry owners a review of Dead Rising Mobile on the BlackBerry Curve.


After all of those are finally published you’ll know Dead Rising 2 is closer than ever before, and that means you should squeal like you’ve got Swine Flu. Anyway, keep an eye out for some awesome Zombie Genocide action in the coming weeks right here on Everyview!


Looks hella purdy, eh?

3 thoughts on “Game News: Dead Rising 2 Means Dead Rising Reviews Soon!

  1. I LOVED the original to death, was disappointed with the Wiimake, had no idea it existed in mobile, and can’t wait for the sequel. It’s looking awesome.

  2. I liked the original except for the way it made you save games. I hope they improve the save system. I love all things zombie.

  3. @ mikel

    I never played the original but I DID play the “Wiimake” and enjoyed it immenseley. I guess its a good game on its own merits but is inferior to the original.


    Yeah, I HATE the save system. Its so inconvenient.

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