Food News: Volcano Taco Returning May 14th, Bringing Friends

I loved the Volcano Taco with a passion burning hotter than even the spicy sauce that tops the delicious morsel, and I have shed a single tear every night since its mysterious disappearance from the Taco Bell menu. But thankfully my tear ducts are in for a rest, because our good friends over at Grub Grade just pointed out that the Volcano Taco is coming back on May 14th and plans to bring some friends with it!


So far we only know for sure that the Volcano Taco and a Volcano Double Cheesy Beef Burrito will be part of the new menu’s lineup but there are rumors and speculation that suggest the Volcano Crunchwrap, and perhaps Volcano Nachos will join them. We’ll just have to wait a few more short days to see, and you bet your spicy red shell Everyview will have reviews of whatever is available on day one, including a re-review of the Volcano Taco.

Check out Grub Grade’s full report here.

6 thoughts on “Food News: Volcano Taco Returning May 14th, Bringing Friends

  1. EXCITED!!!!!!! Volcano Crunchwrap would be fucking insane!

  2. @ seth

    I second that. A volcano crunchwrap does sound awesome.


    Holy shit, Swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @tallboy2112

    That = The greatest comment ever. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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