PackRat Paragraphs: Red Nintendo DS w/Mario Kart DS

dsmariokartI’m not sure how many of you remember, but back before downloadable games and cameras made their way into Nintendo’s handheld systems, there was the original Phat. It was the ugliest, fattest, bulkiest system since the Sega Game Gear, but Nintendo tried their hardest to raise its physical appeal by releasing it in a myriad of colors.

This red Nintendo DS was released as a limited edition system with Mario Kart DS packed right in back in November of 2005. Selling one right now wouldn’t turn a profit, but since it’s a limited edition handheld system that has already been discontinued, I assume it will be worth quite a decent amount of cash in a couple of years. It will definitely take some time, but I am pretty sure it will eventually be more than a worthwhile investment.

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