We’re Doing Some Site Construction

Some of you may have noticed the new “Review Round-Up” page at the top. It’s not finished yet, as I’m sure you’ve likely noticed. However, it will be done soon but has, for now, slowed posting to a halt. When it’s done it will be a complete list of every review ever done by Everyview with links back and all that jazz. It will also take the place of the “Request Reviews” page, as readers are welcome to search through the categories on “Review Round-Up” and submit a request if they can’t find what they are looking for.

Anyway, hopefully this will be done by tomorrow so we can get back to bringing you more great reviews. Why don’t you go ahead and check out the page now and browse our small selection of Book Reviews or gawk at our massive and still growing list of Energy Drink Reviews. Until next time, keep reading Everyview!

2 thoughts on “We’re Doing Some Site Construction

  1. Awesome job. I really like the idea, I think I may just borrow (or steal, whatever you want to call it) this idea for my blog. But then again, I might be too lazy to go back to all of my early reviews.

    But wow, you sure love your energy drinks, I’d become so used to seeing Energy Drink reviews but I never thought there’d been that many on this site. Props to you guys.

    Oh, and browsing through the review list, I came across the two reviews I did for you guys. I’d totally forgotten about them. Thanks for letting me do those again. And I you haven’t realized by now, the third review that I told you about isn’t going to happen, I just haven’t touched the book in a long time and don’t really feel like it.

    Anyway, keep it up guys. I’m really loving this site.

    -Kyle, from World 1-1

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind words, Kyle. That just made my day! And don’t fret over “borrowing” this idea, we stol– erm erherm– borrowed it from our friends over at Grub Grade. 😉

    And don’t worry about getting that last review to us. If you ever do finish the book we’d be more than happy to publish it for you!

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