This Is Why You Should Be Watching “Breaking Bad.”

About a month-and-a-half back, I reviewed the DVD “Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season” and praised it as the best and most original new show on television. Well, it turns out  Season One was only the launching point, as Season Two, which airs on the AMC network at 10 on Sundays, is taking the  insanity of the first go-around and pushing to even further degrees of twisted brilliance.

To enhance my argument, I have included a YouTube clip from the show’s most recent episode. When watching it, you will likely either share in the awe I felt while watching, or feel I am some sort of sadist who made you watch one of the most unpleasantly demented things you have ever seen. Regardless, I guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before, and if it helps get more people into the show, fantastic. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “This Is Why You Should Be Watching “Breaking Bad.”

  1. Not to worry. On the AMC podcast, Vince Gilligan assures all that Otis the show biz tortoise was not harmed during the filming of the episode. I’m not so sure about Danny Trejo, though. That sure looks like his real head!

  2. That was awesome. I only caught the first ep of the first season of Breaking Bad. I liked it, yet I lost it somehow and out of sight out of mind. You’ve convinced me to pick up Season 1.

  3. Ryan-

    It’s time well-spent to watch the seven episodes of Season 1. You’ll be hooked and, as Clay says, Season 2 takes it to an even more intense, darkly humorous level. As Tim Goodman points out week after week on his “Spoiled Bastard” blog for the san Francisco Chronicle, Breaking Bad is the best drama on television today. A warning, though: like meth, it’s very habit-forming.


  4. Ryan, I am super pumped to have swayed someone to watch the show. I cannot imagine that you will be disappointed.

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