(Review) Venom Energy: Death Adder


Since its introduction to the market, Venom Energy Drink has grown into a respectable and worthy contender in the race for energy drink supremacy. They very quickly went from being a 3rd party underdog to heavy hitter and, building on the success of the original and lo-carb flavors is the new Death Adder, a sparkling punch flavored energy drink.

Straight from the can:

When you want piercing energy and instinctively quick reflexes, you need the cold-blooded Venom of the Death Adder, delivered in a fruit punch strike.

The Venom Potency Pack has a powerful does of taurine, glucuronolactone, L-carnitine and guarana, giving it piercing energy that strikes back.

Try saying glucuronolactone out loud with out sounding like an idiot.


Death Adder has a surprisingly sweet aromatic property that doesn’t smell exactly like fruit punch, but closer than Punch Energy Drink ever got. In addition to the sparkling punch, your nose will pick up all of the extra ingredients in Venom’s energy blend. It’s an overall delicious and sweet smell that doesn’t seem too artificial or overpowering.

The flavor is like someone kicked your high school prom in the throat and then put their cigarette out on it’s forehead. In other words, it’s sparkling punch on crack. It’s absolutely delicious, too. Extremely, but not overly sweet with a perfectly subtly bite of bitterness added from all of the energizing ingredients. It’s also very, very satisfying and refreshing, and is one of the only energy drinks that works as a beverage you can drink with a meal as well as a deliciously sweet beverage which stands on its own and quenches your thirst with no problem. The smooth flavor makes it an energy drink for anyone, not just energy drink fanatics. The only problem I have is how quickly it can lose its flavor, despite being in the thick bottle-can thing that I find so utterly amazing.

On the kick side of things, Death Adder performs surprisingly well and will provide the user with an uplifting spurt of energy that lasts about 2-3 hours with no traceable crash. The kick is solid, powerful, and long-lasting and is sure to satisfy even the most hardened caffeine veterans.

Venom also has quite a decent value, too. At 16.9 fl oz for a price of $1.99, it’s a decent buy with a standard savings, it gets even better when it’s on sale.

Final Words:

Venom is a great product for just about anyone. I call it a gateway drink. It’s an easy drink with positive, great feeling effects that make it easy for someone to enter the world of energy drink addiction. It’s also a great tasting, high quality drink with a solid kick that can satisfy the veterans.


  • Awesome bottle-can thing
  • Deliciously smooth and refreshing
  • Wonderful aroma
  • Great, solid kick
  • .9 oz bigger than other supplements at the same cost


  • Loses its flavor pretty quickly
  • Snake bites kill up to 94,000 people a year. I couldn’t think of anything else…

Score: 8.9/10 (Superb)

Aroma: 8.5/10 (Deliciously sweet, not overly artificial)
Flavor: 9.5/10 (Very smooth, quenches your thirst)
Kick: 8.75/10/10 (Great, long-lasting kick)
Value: 9.0/10 (That heavy aluminum bottle has to be worth the cost of the beverage when recycled)

5 thoughts on “(Review) Venom Energy: Death Adder

  1. “Snake bites kill up to 94,000 people a year. I couldn’t think of anything else…”

    That made me chuckle!

    Anyway, awesome review! Just reading how you’ve describe this beverage makes me want to go out and buy 1,000 cans of this purportedly magical and “venomous” concoction, and I’ve never had it!

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  4. I was a huge red bull sugar free fan.. I mean addicted! I tried venom and I freaking live it.. red bull who??

  5. Death Adder is by far the best energy drink out there. It’s way better than anything Monster has to offer.

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