SnaggStuff Mystery Box Opening

Okay, I finally got my SnaggStuff mystery box today. Posted a while back that I was going to show you the openings, so here it is. I actually ordered two boxes and they shipped them in a single package. Each box was $15, and supposed to have a retail value of $50. This means the actual price when new and from like an actual store. Not some super discount price online.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, here’s a list of what I received.

2x RedTin Voice E-Mail Software with Mic
1x 2-3 Foot USB Extension Cable
1x Random High School Musical 1GB USB Flash Drive with HSM2 stuff on it.
1x Unigrip Belt Phone Holder with 2 extra interchangeable panels
1x USB LED Light.
1x PSP UMD Slider Case… looks to be an organizer for games. From Nakiworld.
2x Compucessory Neo-Sport Drive Case
1x Keychain USB Drive… seems to be an SD reader from Media Gear.
1x 3 Pack Nylon Sport Case for iPod Shuffle from Micro Innovations
2x SnaggStuff pens.
2x SnaggStuff thank you letters.

Not terrible overall. Personally I wouldn’t value this at $30, but I know the retail value is probably close to $100. I’ll probably re-gift some of this stuff. I should also mention that the reason I just now got it after about 3 weeks was that SnaggStuff was given some headaches by some new shipping system that they’re using.

We at Everyview may also sponsor a contest and send out some of this stuff to our lucky viewers.

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  2. @motodaddy
    They have one deal per day. After that day, they don’t sell the thing from the previous day.Just gotta check every day. =)

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