PackRat Paragraphs: ROB the Robot

robtherobot1Don’t know who ROB is? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

ROB the Robot was a peripheral that released alongside the Nintendo Entertainment System in America because NOA (Nintendo of America) feared that citizens of the United States wouldn’t buy a game console, but would love to buy toys. Therefore they created this peripheral to pack-in with a deluxe version of the system. It could only be used with a few games, the one that most people know of is called Gyromite, a so-so stack-the-pieces-just-right game.

While 100% complete packages of ROB (with Gyromite and all the knick knacks) goes for about $350-$400 on ebay, I only have ROB himself. But even in his incomplete state he can sell for around 150 big ones, easy. I’d say the 2 bucks I spent on this little guy was quite a smart investment, wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “PackRat Paragraphs: ROB the Robot

  1. That’s awesome that you have a ROB robot. I’d love to own one myself.

    If I were you I’d try and track down (some way or another) a game that used ROB, like Gyromite to just try it out. I heard ROB does pretty bad at the games. 😀

  2. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of Gyromite, just to play around with it. I’m sure I could easily find a copy on eBay, but I don’t believe in the internet.

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  4. lol “but i dont believe in the internet”

    i got my first nes with the rob packin. i reemembered it fondly until i dug it out of the attic the other day to play it. its not very fun. but it was a neat novelty!

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