I Got a DSi!!

Thanks to good friend, room mate, and fellow Everyviewer Patricker, I am now the proud owner of a Nintendo DSi, the hottest new handheld gaming system on the market. Well, I will be the official owner once I pay him back. If that ever happens.


Anyway, this means a few articles and reviews are on their way. First thing I’m planning is a review for the system itself followed by various reviews for select games from my backlog of DS titles as well as a “The Top Five” which will list what I believe are the 5 best games for the Nintendo DS. I’ve also got plans to review the new DSi Ware games and the DSi Internet Browser. I’ll also do some image quality comparisons between my DSi, BlackBerry Curve, and Sony CyberShot (10.1 megapixels) to see just how good (or bad) the picture quality really is. To round things off I’ll probably jump on the bandwagon and post one of those really popular “Is it worth it?” articles that various sites are doing, but I’ll hopefully make my stance on that clear in the system’s review.

I’ll try to cover all the DSi exclusive reviews for moving on to my DS game critiques which will be spread out over a series of weeks so we don’t clog posting with nothing but handheld gaming reviews. The DSi review should be up before the end of this week, Monday at the latest.

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4 thoughts on “I Got a DSi!!

  1. Seriously, the DSi’s camera is only .3 MP. So it’s not going to be anywhere near the quality of your CyberShot, or even the Curve.

  2. Sweet! I had a Phat that I never upgraded, though I got my nephews lites when they came out. I will be going with my wife to buy a DSi this weekend so you should try to get your review out before then so I know what to expect 😀

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