Review: “Destrucion’s End” by Death Partizan


Ahh, Hoosier metal. There tend to be two kinds of metal that lurks in the corners and cracks of Terre Haute. The first is the thoroughly pathetic kind. Bands composed of 14 year old kids with a passion for Atreyu, kids that smoke their parents’ cigarettes and swipe their grandma’s Nitroglycerin because they think all pills are cool. And their music sucks, too.

The second kind is legit. These bands take inspiration from multiple sources, combine the best aspects of all, and make you want to punch your parents, eat their cigarettes, poison your grandma, steal her Nitro, and sell it to the pathetic metal posers for money to buy razor blades to put inside pies a good Christian family donated to the old people’s home.

Yeah, Death Partizan is legit.


Death Partizan is made up of only 3 members — Lead vocalist and bassist Bart Joseph, guitarist Richard Regynski,  and Willy Fucking Cook on drums. Even between only 3 members, though, Death Partizan is able to pull of a surprisingly heavy and complex sound without needing the extra layers of guitar or multiple vocalists, and that takes serious instrumental talent.

“Destruction’s End” is the band’s first album. Contained within the album are 6 tracks, all of which will make one of your eyes fall out. Now, the average person only has 2 eyes, 3 at the most. So you probably shouldn’t listen to this unless you’re absolutely positive you can take the torture or having 3,653 pounds (which is really heavy) of metal crush your pathetic corpse into the darkest part of Hell.

Ok, so your eyes won’t fall out and you won’t be squished, but you’ll likely swing your head up and down in very violent motion. I think it’s called head banging. Something like that.

Anyway, the 6 tracks on the disc are as follows:

  1. Alice in Metal Land
  2. Bloodletting Epidemic
  3. Cancer
  4. The Predator
  5. Blood Seeker
  6. Destruction’s END

“Alice in Metal Land” opens with a dark mix of samples taken from the Alice in Wonderland movie and the song itself serves as a great taste of what’s to come. My favorite track is easily “The Predator” followed by the album’s namesake, “Destruction’s END”.

The rest of the songs on the album are all top tracks as well. This is a truth that I find disappointing because I was really looking forward to overly criticizing at least one song, but Death Partizan took that away from me with a stellar list of tracks. I hate you all.

Final Words:

Listening to Death Partizan will make you want to stab your mother with a samurai sword, eat your cat’s spine, and spit on your dad’s brand new dress shoes. Which is definitely a good thing. An overall stellar track list with music that is written with a consistant quality results with a great album. Too bad the boys didn’t have enough money to record one with a higher quality. Not that this is bad, but it’s definitely not on the same plane as, say, Renae’s album. It’s much closer instead to that of On My Honor’s. Only much heavier. Like a fat lady.


  • Consistent songwriting
  • Very heavy, like your mom
  • All 6 tracks are great


  • I wish they could’ve recorded a professional quality album. Maybe sometime soon?
  • Where’s Expel Me? I liked that song 🙁


Overall: 8.5/10 (Go eat some babies. Without milk)

Lyrics: 8.25/10 (Metal)
Music: 9.0/10 (Surprisingly complex and deep for only a 3-piece outfit)
Entertainment Value: 8.0/10 (6 great tracks means you’ll kill 12 nuns using only toothpicks in the time it takes the album to finish)

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  1. hey! i made that preparation H hemorrhoid cream logo haha
    i thought they deleted that


    Death partizan ftw! 😀

    even though you guys kicked expel me 🙁

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