PackRat Paragraphs: Tekken: The Motion Picture (Factory Sealed VHS)

tekkenthemotionpictureEveryone with even a passing knowledge of fighting games knows Tekken. It has been one of the best fighting game franchises since the original PlayStation. But did you know that there was also an animated motion picture based off of the games?

Probably not. It was released in 1997 to drab reviews and pathetic sales and shortly after released on DVD, but that format also failed to garner decent sales due to the fact that the movie supposedly blows. I’ve never seen it and will never watch this copy, but if I ever find a DVD in a yard sale anywhere I’ll be sure to watch it and let you guys know how bad it really is.

I’ve found open copies going for as high as about 20 bucks on ebay, and factory sealed items are always worth more. I figure it’s worth about 40 bucks to a casual collector, which is a good chunk of profit over the $5.99 I spent on it.

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